24 Brilliant Philosophical Essay Topic for Beginners 


Thinking about writing a philosophical essay can be daunting, let alone writing it. Students majoring in philosophy who are acquainted with major philosophical works, such an essay writer can take on just about any topic and produce an essay on it. 

Philosophical topics are various and categorized as such:

  • Meta Physics (Nature of Reality)
  • Epistemology (Theory of Knowledge)
  • Axiology (Theory of Values)

But a philosopher doesn’t have to scholarly, any person who meditates over the origin of ideas, the outcome of actions and its justifications, and ponders about the meaning of life is a philosopher. And through an impetus inform of debate and problem can bring forth a person’s intrapersonal abilities to ponder over the human mind, social dynamics, and laws of nature.     

Aldous Huxley described a philosopher as: “A person who has taste for every sort of knowledge, who is curious to learn and is never satisfied is termed a philosopher.

Structure of a Philosophical Essay

Whether an essay topic is assigned to you or choose one on your own or get it from write essay for me service, it is important to understand the topic. The wider the topic the more texts and works of philosophers--spanning a period of two millenniums--you will have to know and follow.  

Most of the time the topic will be presented in a question form.

Take these two topics: 

  • ‘What is the right kind of action?’ 
  • “Why Utilitarianism fails to be a universal ethical philosophy?” 

Which topic would you rather write on? Which to you is easier to write on?

Most of the people choose the first topic. As it doesn’t have any philosophical terms or jargon, and sounds simple.

You are, unfortunately, wrong! 

In philosophy the simpler the question the wider the horizon of knowledge and information. When you ponder over what is right, more often than not you will come across Utilitarianism and Kantian ethics. You will realize that the latter is just a small part of a wider topic--which unfortunately for you, you have to cover too now, in this stage you should get writing assistance from essay writing service onine. 

It’s, therefore, better to let one write upon specific topics. 

Philosophical essay topics to get started

  1. Do we have free will or are we living in a deterministic reality?
  2. Given an opportunity to go back in time to baby Hitler, would you kill him?
  3. Why is littering a bad thing? I mean it’s going to be dumped on earth anyway, 
  4. Should Batman Kill the Joker?
  5. The Atomic Nuclear bomb, a friend or a foe?
  6. Can you pass your good ethics down to your progeny?
  7. What will come if Capitalism fails?
  8. Unaware, you finished a bar of chocolate while scrolling down on Instagram; with no memory of eating it, have you eaten it?
  9. Why should you respect your elders?
  10. Is Trophy Hunting morally wrong? 
  11. Is there a limit to free speech? Why?
  12. Should natural carefree people, lacking moral responsibility and consciousness be blamed for lacking that?
  13. Discuss the adage: “Do unto others what you want to be done unto you,” and explain where it falls short. 
  14.  If you believe in an afterlife and die after making it through a life sentence; would you still be punished in the afterlife?
  15. What do we owe to each other?
  16. Should rapists be hanged?
  17. Should Euthanasia be allowed?
  18. Does there exist a Romantic  Love without commitment? 
  19. Should personal use of drugs be legal?
  20. Is animal neutering morally right?
  21. I am a vegetarian, can I feed my pet cat a vegetarian diet?
  22. What’s the difference between feminism and women’s rights?
  23. Is abortion ethically right: ‘My Body My Choice.’
  24. Is cloning ethical?

If you want more ideas, then go for write my essay help online. 

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